[Wine] Re: A few newbe Question/Problem.

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 28 07:40:35 CDT 2008

ioky wrote:
> Launcher: Wine automatically set up a icon/launcher on the Desktop for me, and it runs great, However, when i try to create exactly same Launcher with the exactly same command in the Menu. the Launcher doesn't work. 
> There is what I use: 
> env WINEPREFIX="/home/ioky/.wine" wine "C:\ODINSOFT\Foolish\FOOLISHGAME.EXE" 

There is also "Path" aka work dir in the .desktop file you need to copy.

ioky wrote:
> Sound: This problem seem a bit weird to me. If I just start my computer without doing anything, the sound of the game work fine, however, as soon as I play a music player, in this case Audacious. The sound can only work when music is playing while wine start. If I stop the music and open the game/wine, The sound doesn't work. This is not only just happen to that game but the whole wine system. So now, I much play some music with the player, and then open wine in order to make the sound work.

Looks like you have pulseaudio running - disable/kill/remove it. It conflicts with Wine or any other program that uses ALSA or OSS directly.

ioky wrote:
> Keyboard Keys: The game is am playing with wine are original full screen game. However, I used Emulate a virtual desktop to run it because the game is old, and it looks very bad with my 22" monitor. When I use the virtual desktop mod, the Tab key, and the ESC doesn't really work. It seem to work in the very few sec, if I am lucky, but It doesn't really work for long, and I don't know when exactly it will work. For the game I am playing, I really need those key to work out right in order to play. Those key only work in full screen mod. 

Make sure that none of the modifier keys (shift, ctrl, alt) "stuck". Just press each of them several times.

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