[Wine] Re: Why is wine not prepackaged on the download site

gat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 28 12:33:11 CDT 2008

I have free font and such things installed. Wine should still install itself and warn that it will not run properly without them. It should still be able to be installed without the proper fonts, yes? It should tell you where it expects them, and continue the installation. I agree a bundled installation is most beneficial, but since wine officially supports intel macs using Wine then shouldn't it be on the download site. Persons like Kronenberg - I think that is his name. I am assuming from his website - can make a compilation and have a link on Wine's website like the current situation is, but that should be a sidebar from the download page. It feels like intel macs are not really supported for Wine when they are. Most apple computer users I know -persons in my family, and friends, cannot navigate websites well enough to find these, and give up when things are not easily presented to them, like apple presents things on their website. I personally hate what apple says about the macs being unix based, but not having any of the newer linux/unix features and not supporting them. I also hate how programs from generation to generation of os X cannot function, if made for a different version, so often. I try to help my friends by telling them about Wine running windows programs on their macs, but before the wiki had the mac os link so prevalently posted they had trouble understanding what the site was saying and finding resources to help them install it. I realize that I am a poor writer, but I am trying to express that the majority of macintosh computer users that I know barely understand administrative privileges, and have never heard of root. They need an easily found download or they will not reap the benefits of Wine. It is only logical for there to be a download for macs on the download page. What I said earlier about X11 can be found her at http://wiki.winehq.org/MacOSX/FAQs , these are not my words, but information that I found at the Wine website. At the end of the page it states that X11 on the apple operating system is badly broken. The problem with using rc1 is that I do not want to trouble this organization that is aping a whole operating system using a simple server with problems that may have already been fixed. Since as you have stated there is no difference in actual code between the wine program on one operating system in place of another then is it not possibly to add some line to the make scripts to configure the compilation differently when it has detected darwin i386 macintoshs. I do believe it detects that as the operating system when I attempted to compile it myself on my computer. Since the whole purpose of configure scripts is to realize the differences in computers to create make scripts to adjust certain features, files, and what not to make the program function on different settings it is only logical that intel macs eventual become a part of the source installation targets. I understand that import changes and other significant factors are happening to create the infamous version 1.0. Possibly after that Wine will functionally include macs in its source code and download page.

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