[Wine] Re: Wine 1.00 the AppDB and State of the Winehq website.

mike.cloaked wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 28 16:01:02 CDT 2008

NN wrote:
> IMO, this "bug" is in the users, not the AppDB, and there is little that can be done about it. These kinds of ratings are always subjective, no matter how precise you try to make them--e.g., "normal use" in Word 2003 for me does not involve the equation editor at all, but for someone who relies on that feature (which currently doesn't work), their rating of the app is going to be quite different than mine.

In my case use of the equation editor is essential. I tried installing Office 2003 in 1.0 rc1 - and it installs OK... but the equation editor is broken - and this means for me that Word 2003 is totally non-functional for my purposes.

I will try in rc2 very soon but I am hoping this will be fixed soon and before final release (maybe with the help of people from CodeWeavers?)

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