[Wine] Wine and 4js aplication

xekhz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 29 04:42:36 CDT 2008

Hello ppl,
Im trying to run a 4js old apliction via Wine. 
So i have 2 questions.

How can i open a port below port number 1024 as common user ?

How can i make wine to run in a sudo enviorment?
I have been trying the following .

sudo `WINEPREFIX=/xxxxxxxx/ ; wine YYYYYYYYYYY `
and in the sudoers file I have unrestricted access to the sudoer user 

xxxxxxxx is the path to the root .wine dir
yyyyyyyyyy is the application path.

Wine dosent run this way.......................

If i run wine as root all is fine.


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