[Wine] Re: Battlefield Vietnam Fonts

Aurélien wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 29 11:21:13 CDT 2008

Hi nadrach,
I have a tip to find out what are the font you need for your application :
Just copy the entire fonts folder from a real windows installation into your .wine/c_drive/windows/fonts folder. Then run your application with wine (it should have a correct display because you're using windows font files).

Then in a shell type : 
$ lsof > result.txt

Now you should have a "result.txt" in your personal folder. Open it and search for each line that contain "fonts", especialy those where the path is in wine's directory.
You'll see all the files currently in use, so you'll find the font files you're looking for  [Wink]

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