[Wine] No C Drive

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Fri May 30 00:20:50 CDT 2008

> I normally stick to posix capiblities to grant them.
> If you distro is old or don't have posix file capiblities in kernel.
> Or if your kernel has support of file capiblies create a version of wine with a little more permissions. setfcaps -c cap_net_raw=p -e /bin/ping
  I think that only an unstable/experimental distro can have file capabilities,
because this feature is not present in the standard kernel and it exists only
as an unofficial, highly experimental patch. Even more, this patch is not
POSIX compliant, which is probably the main reason for which it's not in the
kernel yet.
  So, I agree it's good to have, but I will not patch my kernel with this until
it's proven stable and ready for a production usage.

  With regards, Pavel Troller

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