[Wine] Re: Ubuntu and disappearing windows

private_lock wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 30 04:50:32 CDT 2008

Same problems over here:

These programs work as supposed (showing in their own window):
winecfg 0.9.59 Panel www.winehq.org
mp3DirectCut 2.08 www.mpesch3.de
MP3Gain 1.3.4 mp3gain.sf.net
Oscar's Renamer 1.1 www.mediachance.com/free/renamer.htm

These two won't appear in window list and are gone on minimize:
graph 4.3 www.padowan.dk (4.2)
MP3Test 1.6.0.b156 www.maf-soft.de/mp3test (1.5.1.b153)

I've tested both the current and the previous version, each of them having this problem.

As a workaround, I can either configure wine to open a virtual Desktop. The problem is, that this is cumbersome, as all wine windows are sucked up inside. And in addition to Alt+Tab I need another key-combo to switch, that I always forget.

Second, I found this: The KDE windowmanager offers specific settings for each window. There was a grayed out hook set, to skip it in the window list. So I made window specific settings like this:

- run the offending wine application
- Alt+F3 or click on icon in upper left corner
- submenu "advanced" - special settings for this window
- go to tab "personal settings"
- place a hook to the left of "skip window list"
- select "force" in the same line
- and make sure, the hook to the right is unset
- apply and see what happend to your windowlist

This is not perfect, as modal dialogs can get behind the application. It will be, as if it hangs (won't react to any input). It's easiest to roll up the main window (rightclick on minimize) to check, if there are more dialogs hidden.

Any idea, why it only affects some applications? What's the difference between those?

PS: The version numbers
KDE 3.5.9
Kubuntu Hardy

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