[Wine] Re: application wont work properly

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 30 18:09:34 CDT 2008

delta9 wrote:
> Im using an application called saturn for my university assignement.
> The problem is that it fails to fully operate under linux with wine.
> If im not mistaken the application works like this:
> Satwin is the windows front end that calles *.bat files that are part of the suit saturn.
> While wine loads the satwin front end perfectly it fails to execute the *.bat files that are part of the saturn suit.
> Lets have an example.There is a program called M1 in the suit.To run M1 i just have to click the icon M1 at the satwin front end and i then choose the file to use.
> Alternatevely using dos or a command line at windows i can do the same thing without the satwin front end by typing: M1.bat name_of_file.dat
> I have also noticed that when i use satwin front end at windowz and when i run eg M1 a black dos prompt window pops and the M1 application is working(obviously the pop up command prompt window executes the command M1.bat name_of_file.dat)
> Wine fails to do that part and as a result non of the programs is running.
> Any ideas to fix this?
> Thanks a lot in advance

Try running that with Wine's 'cmd' and not directly with "wine". However keep in mind that some functionality is still not supported in batch files.

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