[Wine] New user experiences CD-ROM problem

wilsonsamm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 30 18:19:49 CDT 2008

First of all let me tell you all what a wonderful job you have done on Wine. I can't say how much I appreciate not only Wine but GNU software in general.

Now permit me to let you know of a problem that I had this evening: I was installing a game, and just double clicking the SETUP.EXE seemed to work just fine, until the installer asked for the next disc. Why? Because linux wouldn't unmount the filesystem on the CD-ROM because it was still in use by Wine. I wonder if this is possible to fix. Seems simple, but then I don't know anything about programming.

Another useful thing would be to be able to attach the CD that the Win32 app sees to an ISO or something. Is this already possible?

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