[Wine] Re: application wont work properly

delta9 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 31 09:12:44 CDT 2008

Unfortunatelly it wont let me me run the batch files from front end.
Is it an option to modify saturn's config file so that it will not try to call windowz cmd to execute the batch files,but wine's cmd.
Satwin's front end that calles a batch file looks like this:

Path = C:\windows\Command;C:\windows;"C:\SATWIN\XEXES
CD "\SATWIN\laptop\2\

where  C:\windows;"C:\SATWIN\XEXES is the directory that batch files are,
CD "\SATWIN\laptop\2\ is the directory where my files to be used with the programs are
CALL PMAKE 1   is the batch file to use.

So could i edit that file to make saturn use wine's cmd?If yes what should be the entry?

Thnx  a lot

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