[Wine] Re: Also a new user.

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 31 12:58:49 CDT 2008

vocalfons wrote:
> When I do winecfg, I cannot edit the settings of the .wine prefix seperately from the DHE prefix. Or can I? 

Yes, you can. If you just run winecfg, without specifying the wineprefix, winecfg will configure your default ~/.wine directory. To use winecfg for any other wineprefix, you have to specify the environment variable:

env WINEPREFIX="/home/user/DHE" winecfg

> Does these different prefixes mean i am running two different versions of WINE? Or is it more like two different WINE users? 

What you have are two different fake Windows directories. AFAIK, Crossover's "bottles" are basically wineprefixes with some user-friendly GUI front-ends.

> If so, can I reset the standard prefix of Reaper to run without COM98?

Well, yes, but the last time I told you what to do you didn't follow my directions, which were to remove the overrides, not disable them. This is done on the Libraries tab by selecting the overrides you want to remove, and clicking the button marked REMOVE. If you really feel compelled to edit rather than remove them, then change the load order to either Builtin, or Builtin then Native.

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