[Wine] Mapsource upload problem

Gewitty wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 31 17:20:36 CDT 2008

I have successfully installed Garmin Mapsource using WINE 0.9.59, running on Ubuntu Hardy Heron. 

Everything appears to work OK until I try to upload selected maps to my GPS unit. At this point, Mapsource shows a list of detected devices; this appears showing two instances of the Garmin GPS unit name, plus 'removable drives' D, E and I. If I select the main Garmin GPS unit entry to upload to, Mapsource correctly identifies that there is not enough space on its internal storage. However, if I try selecting the I drive (which is appears to be the additional SD card in the GPS unit), Mapsource runs through the process of creating indexes, but once this reaches 100% complete, the program just hangs and nothing more happens. When I checked the System Monitor, it showed that Mapsource was still running at around 70% processor capacity and I have to cancel the upload.

Can anyone suggest why Mapsource is not able to upload to the SD card (which it seems to recognise), whilst it appears quite happy uploading to the Garmin's internal memory, provided there is enough space.

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