[Wine] Re: Error 429

Chad wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 31 21:43:44 CDT 2008

lockettowl wrote:
> thanks, I will try this and post how it turns out
> The grades are kept locally on my computer, although they can also be posted online. And, yes, I'm using the basic (free) version of Thinkwave.
> Hopefully re-installing it will work

Well, installing MDAC 2.8 does get it one step further, but it then complains again about not being able to open a file when you launch the application. You can then get past that by doing ...

$ ./winetricks jet40

Now it fails with a runtime error everytime for me. Not too sure what might help now, other then filing a bug report. Unless someone else has some ideas?

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