[Wine] Wine 1.1.7: Sound regression?

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 1 07:24:08 CDT 2008

>I have recently formatted my system in order to install Intrepid Ibex, and I am now using it with Wine 1.1.7. I did a backup of the prefixes of the games I was using in Hardy / Wine up to 1.1.5, and imported them in my new installment. The games work normally, but the sound is crackling all the time for each of them; something which was not happening in my former installment. I have not noticed any threads about that, therefore I am wondering if this is a regression coming into wine 1.1.7, an issue with the new ALSA driver contained in Intrepid Ibex, or if I have to change something in my configuration files. 
>My system config is
>Intrepid Ibex / Wine 1.1.7
>Q6600 + 4gb ram
>Nvidia 8800GT
>Sound Blaster Audigy 2
>Should you need any other info, please ask. Thanks!

I am using Intrepid Studio with wine. Intrepid comes bundled with pulseaudio, and pulseaudio can cause sound problems in wine. In addition, killing it is not easy, because pasuspender is broken as of a couple of updates ago. 
Try turning everything on, go to:
system / administration / system monitor / processes 
and kill pulseaudio that way, and see if it helps. 
For now, Intrepid Studio has a couple of problems. For instance, if you try to remove pulseaudio permanently, the system no longer starts up or shuts down cleanly. 
You may wish to check the ubuntu bug list for known pulseaudio problems. 

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