[Wine] Call of Duty 4: Corrupt fastfile only on Ubuntu?

Warren Dumortier nwarrenfl at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 04:12:23 CST 2008


I was running Mandriva 3 weeks ago and I had installed Call of Duty 4, and
it worked (with version 1.1.6)
When Ubuntu Intrepid RC was out, I decided to install it over my Mandriva,
and I also installed wine version 1.1.6, but it didn't work as on Mandriva!

When launching multiplayer, CoD4 gives this error: Fastfile for zone
'code_post_gfx_mp' is corrupt or unreadable.
I have the same error with wine version 1.1.7

It seems the fasffile is corrupt, but even when copying from the original cd
it gives the same error!

I think there might be 2 problems:
1) The installation might be the problem, but it installs without any error,
but maybe something didn't install during the installation process?
2) Wine has a bug, strange as it worked on Mandriva...

So here is the output: http://pastebin.be/14664

What can be the problem?

Maybe a log of the installation process should be useful?

BTW, i used a clean prefix ;)

Please help me, thanks!

Kind regards...
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