[Wine] Re: Thanks!

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 2 07:59:58 CST 2008

> is a bit strange how a newer version of something screws things up though, you would have thought it would be better, lol. 

This is called a regression, which usually occurs if existing code is changed to hopefully work better with more applications. The best thing to do is report these regressions in the AppDB (as an application test) or the bug tracker, with whatever output you got in the terminal while trying to run. If you do this there's bound to be people looking into it, especially since it's a regression and especially since it's a fairly popular application.

Also keep in mind that the support here is free and 'because we want to', and therefor unguaranteed that you will get a reply.

Last but not least, sometimes it can take a few releases before an app can finally work, and sometimes it takes a winetricks installation (last resort). Be patient if it doesn't seem to work, or temporarily actually use Windows for the application. :)

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