[Wine] wine for server: minimum x configuration?

ais77 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 2 10:44:00 CST 2008

Hello, collegues!

I need to run one windoze application (USDownloader - to be exact) on my home Ubuntu 8.04 server (with SSH-only access, even no monitor attached).

I consider to use wine (as it worked with USD perfiectly on my previous Ubuntu 7.10 desktop installation).

Actually USD won't be used via any GUI interface (due to reasons described above) - I plan to use USD via it's web-interface only. So - I don't need any GUI output of USDf (and also - FineReader used by USD to do the recognition job).

My the questions are:
1. do I have to install xserver-xorg to run GUI-based apps under wine?
2. do I have to install any display managers (is so - will fluxbox be the smaller one?)
3. what should be the minimal settings of X and display managers to keep server-platform efficiency (in terms of RAM and CPU usage)? I.e. - 640x480x256 will be enough, let's say - if I don't care about GUI output - or not?
Thank you in advace for any suggestions or even directions to look trough.

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