[Wine] Re: Porting Windows app to Linux: How to access Linux devices?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 2 17:55:36 CST 2008

Number 1 wine applications really are running as linux/what ever platform they are on applications.

You will notice in virtual driver bits of wine.  They are part wine code and part Linux code.  Same is valid to do inside dll.so or exe.so created using wine.

You have a few options.  Number 1 added a new virtual drivers providing hardware threw to wine so application so application exe will work on wine without needed to rebuild it.

Embed code linux code in the application like what is done in Linux.

Also be aware some network issues can be simple lack of permissions for wine to perform the task.  Ie using the Linux calls will still fail if its lack of permissions.

Wine really does not try to do anything special.   Since providing more ways really does not solve the lack of X feature problem in Wine to run non altered exe's.

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