[Wine] Need help with Winamp Plugins

TheGarage wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 3 12:05:23 CST 2008

Running winamp5.50 under wine with classic skin & it's working great but JTFE [jump to file extra] general plugin is not working anymore since debian lenny update of 9-15-08. I used to be able to get it working by running winamp in win3.1 mode, but this no longer works. Also, all general plugins no longer work such as TimeRestore & AutoPlay, ViralSound, LastFM audioscrobbler & they were all working before. 

For the most part Winamp5.50 works great in wine once directX9 is properly installed. Videos play fine, dsp plugins work great. Visualizations work....but I delete them. Shoutcast dsp plugin works great. Only issue I have is with all the general plugins that stopped working. For example JTFE installs Ok, but when you highlight a song & hit the "Q" button it does not enqueue the song. If you hit "J" to bring up the JTFE window you can then search & enqueue the song......but it never plays. Likewise, TimeRestore & Autoplay installs, but it no longer works......It's supposed to start winamp playing automatically with a randomly selected song. Now, just having it installed results in weird characters in the window decorator title bar rather than the song title of what is currently playing.

If anyone can provide any help to get these winamp plugins working I'd sure appreciate it.


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