[Wine] Re: Bringing Vista's Speech Recognition Engine to Linux via Wine

Sam wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 4 00:10:02 CST 2008

This thread got split.  I'll post my answer here also.

There's good reason why I'm doing this.  It's explained if you follow the link in the original post.  I'll summarize again:

My main concern is as a developer not a user.

My objective is a FOSS GUI running on a FOSS SR-engine.  Linux needs this.  Badly.

I can see a path to accomplishing this:
1) pull over a closed source engine
2) create the FOSS GUI for Linux that implements (1), and sends speech-data back to a central database (such as VoxForge)
3) Once this database is suitably populated, we can crank up Sphinx, and we will have everything FOSS.

I feel strongly the Linux community needs a raw SAPI-compliant Speech-Recognition Engine, so it can build a FOSS GUI. This is the reason I was looking at porting the Vista engine. I don't know whether the Dragon port exposes a raw API. I'll contact the maintainer. 

Vitamin says 'what's the point?
1. Many people have copies of Vista.  It comes with nearly every new PC.  Many linux users will have a Vista DVD.  The same is not true for Dragon.
2.  The MS engine is SAPI compliant and exposes a complete interface.  I don't know about the Dragon interface.
3. The MS engine is very good.  I will be surprised if Dragon is as good.  Last time I used Dragon it was far behind.

Does anyone have the energy to take this project on?  I'll file a bug and keep chugging away.  But I am a tortoise.  It would be cooler than cool to get some dev-fusion on this!


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