[Wine] Re: Bringing Vista's Speech Recognition Engine to Linux via Wine

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 4 08:48:17 CST 2008

Sam wrote:
> I can see a path to accomplishing this:
> 1) pull over a closed source engine
> 2) create the FOSS GUI for Linux that implements (1), and sends speech-data back to a central database (such as VoxForge)
> 3) Once this database is suitably populated, we can crank up Sphinx, and we will have everything FOSS.

This is called stealing.

Sam wrote:
> 1. Many people have copies of Vista.  It comes with nearly every new PC.  Many linux users will have a Vista DVD.  The same is not true for Dragon.

You are wrong. Many people don't have that junk and don't want it to begin with.

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