[Wine] Re: Big test coming up: fallout 3

tuxfusion wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 4 09:15:38 CST 2008

> I know little about its performance in 3D games, I've only read about that feature.

It's useless and will be for the next years since no big company is putting money into it. Except vmware fusion for the mac that has some support.
Everything else is pure software rendering !

News here:

see the newest appdb entry for an fix and how to at least run and not crash FO3

I added some screenshots they have to be approved as always ....

For those who can't wait to see :



I ran F03 with this fix in ultra settings poor framerate and no faces =)

I've already finished the main story line natively so i was just testing this and it works.


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