[Wine] Re: Bringing Vista's Speech Recognition Engine to Linux via Wine

Sam wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 5 00:51:54 CST 2008

What is your mission Vitamin?  Are you plain stupid?  Bored?  Are you trying to pick an argument?

> Wine is made to replace windows not depend on it.

Wine is NOT meant to replace Windows.  Wine is designed to allow applications designed for Windows to work in a Linux environment.  This includes applications bundled with Windows, such as MineSweeper.  Oh, and speech assistant.

> You are proposing to add something into Wine that can not be legally used by most people.

It seems you can't string together more than a couple of words without making a nonsense.  Yet I notice you have over a thousand posts to your name.  Have you considered STFU?

For a start, I am not proposing adding anything into Wine.  I am proposing people with the know-how fix problems in Wine that currently prevent a certain Windows application from running in Wine.

Now look in the AppDB.  Pretty much EVERYTHING in that DB can only be legally used by someone who posesses a legitimate copy of the application.  So (to put it in a way you may understand) a WoW user can only use WoW in Wine if they have a legit copy of WoW.  My proposition requires the user to have a legit copy of Vista.  More people own a legitimate copy of Vista than pretty much any app in the AppDB.  You're an idiot.

>  Also read the fine print on your "vista dvd". Just having it doesn't mean you can use it (or parts of it) on any PC you own.

Why are you bringing in the idea of multiple PCs?  Who said anything about more than one system?

What is your intention Vitamin?  Why are you here?  Why are you writing 100% garbage?  How old are you?  Please go and watch the Simpsons or something, and let the grown ups get on with the work.  You are obstructing, dirtying and obfuscating this thread (and probably countless others).

These questions are rhetorical, for I am disengaging at this point - else I will be crossing the line between exposing a troll and feeding one.


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