[Wine] Re: Bringing Vista's Speech Recognition Engine to Linux via Wine

Sam wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 5 02:09:54 CST 2008

> You won't achieve much with ad hominem attacks against Wine developers. Vitamin has valid points. Please try to be civil.

There is not even a single coherent point.  Let alone a valid point.  Pray show me one.  The man (or boy) is a complete fucking idiot.  I have just noticed this person is a moderator of this forum.  How this has come to pass I cannot fathom; Either his intention is impure or he is retarded; incapable of logic.  This makes me question severely the credibility of the entire Wine project.

Specifically, as of now I'm out of the forum ... I'm all out of faith.  If a wine-dev is willing to help me (and I am willing to work hard), please gmail me (sunfish7...com)

I'll leave you people with this:

Why am I here?
My hands are fucked.  I have severe RSI.  I have gone from 100wpm to stabbing at the keyboard with pencils.  I have tried every solution on every platform.  I have for a year been trying SO HARD, compiling Sphinx, coding SAPI interfaces, contacting IBM, Microsoft, Stallman, SphinxDev, Apple.  Why?  Because I would like to save others from suffering as have I.

And what response do I get?  Everywhere it is the same.  'We don't do this.  This is not our department.  Take it somewhere else.  It is not going to work.'  Or, to paraphrase, fuck off please.

ok point taken
I'm out

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