[Wine] Windows XP to run from Linux boot

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 5 22:06:44 CST 2008

SlyCat wrote:
> Hello everyone of Wine.  I have been an Ubuntu user for the past month or so now and I have very little experience with Wine.  I originally started using the OS/app loader on a Sony Vaio NR110 laptop, but now I am the owner of an MSI Wind.
> I have my Wind dual booted (XP, Ubuntu) with the larger partition to ext3 for ubuntu's boot.  Usuing about 1.3gb for swap too.  I would like to start using Wine to keep my Windows apps (why else...) but I was wondering:
> -Can Windows XP, with the use of fsdriver to read ext3 filing, run a Windows app installed on ubuntu?
> I know that Wine from Ubuntu can't run apps from the Windows boot partition, but can Windows run apps from ubuntu's boot partition?  I would just like to consider which partition to have most of my programs like Office.
It is not possible to do what you want.  Windows will not execute a
program located on a Linux partition, and it is not advised to run a
program from Wine on Linux from a NTFS partition, mainly the Windows
boot partition.

To do what you request, you must install your program both under Windows
in the NTFS/FAT partition and under Wine in a Linux partition.

However, it may be possible, with the proper drivers and a really good
backup of your data, to work with the same documents and data with both
operating systems.

James McKenzie

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