[Wine] Re: multiple users on LINUX - way to share a single .wine

stimpak wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 6 04:28:47 CST 2008

Yes and No

most people will say that its not possible because wine cant be running simultaneously for more than one user at any given time (remember linux, were build as a terminal workstation, meaning that more than one user could be loged at any given time) otherwise you risk frying your (wine) registry which will result that nothing will be running anymore - and im sure you dont want that ;P

and yes you can do it, as far as i can see it, if you're absolutely sure, that one user will be loged at any given moment  at wine. no one has ever tried to do anything like that - but if you search the forums here , you'll see that many have attempted to do it. maybe you can find more info from their posts

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