[Wine] utorrent does not start

Cai microcai at sina.com
Thu Nov 6 10:29:36 CST 2008

monohouse wrote:
> Code:
> /mnt/shetach/Downloads/utorrent# wine ./ut161L.exe /RECOVER
> err:module:import_dll Library  (which is needed by L"W:\\Downloads\\utorrent\\ut161L.exe") not found
> err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"W:\\Downloads\\utorrent\\ut161L.exe" failed, status c0000135
> I would like some help to determine what that means, I suspect a missing DLL but I don't know which

Try to find out which DLL is missing. You can try to see the import
section of ut161L.exe .

Any tool that can see a PE file's import section is OK.

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