[Wine] multiple users on LINUX - way to share a single .wine

Gert van den Berg wine-users at mohag.net
Fri Nov 7 11:13:43 CST 2008

2008/11/7 Cai <microcai at sina.com>:
> graysky 写道:
>> Basically, I'd like to have just one .wine dir on my file system that multiple users on LINUX can share thus allowing me to keep a single install of my windows apps.  The default is to install to /home/CURRENT_USER/.wine so I'm wondering, as long as the LINUX users are in the same group, can I relocate the .wine dir to say, /home/share/.wine and update the wineconfig?  I just started using LINUX seriously so I'm pretty new at it.
>> Thanks for the replies.
> Share files under Linux is easy. The symbolic link file is the best.
which does not take into account race conditions and permission problems...

mount --bind might work around some of those, but probably not the
registry and race conditions issues...

And Vitamin knows what he is talking about...

The safest method is probably to have a dedicated user account where
wine is set up, a script to copy in to each user's home directory, (If
wine does not use the user name in the registry somewhere...) change
the permissions and run wine. Environment variables can be used to
save the profile data somewhere where it will be persistent, and may,
combined with cron even sync it. (Depending on how Wine handles
locking it might be okay to share the whole drive_c without race
conditions that is not present on Windows (I'm not familiar with file
locking under *nix))

(I think the %appdata% and other profile data's locations should be
easily configurable and, by default be somewhere directly in ~/ where
it is shared between prefixes...)


(This reply was laying in my Drafts for quite some time so it might be

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