[Wine] Serial communication problem

ollet wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 11 14:35:17 CST 2008

I'm trying to make my little Asus eeePC 901 into a useful navigation tool that I can use on my boat.

I'm running Ubuntu with the 2.6.24-21-eeepc kernel. For chart plotting I run SeaClear_2 (SC) under Wine. SC communicates as it should with my GPS via a Keyspan USB to serial dongle, both sending and receiving works with this device.

I am also running the small app AISMon under Wine. This app decodes AIS data from a VHF reciever via the computer's sound card. (AIS=Automatic Identification System for ships). Also this program seems to run as it should.

AISMon has a possibility to output AIS data to a COM port and in SeaClear_2 there is a possibility to receive AIS data from a COM port (other COM port than the GPS data is received from).

So in order to make the two apps talk to each other I have tried connecting them using a pair of virtual serial ports. The virtual serial ports are created using the native Linux app VSPDL from www.tibbo.com.

I have made links for the com ports in c:\dosdevices to the appropriate files in /dev.

The virtual port pair appears to work ok when I test it using two minicom sessions. I can also read the AIS data from AISMon using Minicom.

However, SeaClear doesn't receive any of this data. If I start SC from the terminal I get the following message when AISMon sends a dataset into the virtual COM port pair:

fixme:comm:set_queue_size insize 4096 outsize 8192 unimplemented stub
fixme:comm:set_queue_size insize 4096 outsize 32 unimplemented stub

I have seen this message being mentioned in other com port related threads. But I haven't been able to grasp the meaning of it. Is it some functionality that VSPDL is missing? (my USB 2 serial dongle is obviously working)

Can anyone suggest a workaround for this problem. Is there some other software I can use to create my virtual com port pair? There seems to be a multitude of programs (such as com0com) that does this in windows, but I guess those programs will not help me. Or?? [Question] 


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