[Wine] Re: Battlefield 1942 not Working correctly.

jeffz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 11 17:50:42 CST 2008

iTails wrote:
> I installed it from the way it was described on a couple sites and they all seemed to be the same. I have updated it to version 1.6.19 and tried to go in-game. The menu's screw up and when I try to load a map, the game crashes.
> Could I get some help?

Make sure you have installed _both_ patches listed here:

Which Wine version?  Which video card and drivers?

The game works fine for me, except for the 3 listed bugs there:

 	Description  	Status  	Resolution  	Other Apps affected
9685 	Punkbuster removes me from game
11351 	battlefield 1942 - strange text rendering
11499 	sound effects not played correctly Battlefield 1942

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