[Wine] installing Dragon N S 9

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 12 18:27:40 CST 2008

>>> i seem to be badly stuck getting this program installed with wine and
>>> ubuntu 8.04--  suspect the problem  is around authentication  and
>>> registration.where is the best place to go for guidance? keith
>>Version of wine ? If it's not the newest then upgrade it.
>Susan Cragin is reporting problems installing and using DNS 9 with later versions of the development tree of Wine.  
>1.  Look at the Applications Database for information regarding installing Dragon Naturally Speaking. There should be an entry for DNS 9.
>2.  If you are using Wine 1.0, update to Wine 1.0.1.  If that does not work, 'upgrade' to Wine 1.1.6.  Wine 1.1.7 had possible issues with any version of DNS.  1.1.8 may or may not have fixed them.
>Again, the AppDb is your friend for information on installing any Windows based software.
>James McKenzie

DNS 9.5 Standard or 9.5 Preferred follow the 9.5 Standard directions. (This can be a tricky install.)
Only 9.0 Preferred follows 9.0 Preferred directions. (Easier install.)
Authentication / registration shouldn't be a problem. Just be careful entering the product serial # because the boxes are slightly too small to see all the letters at the same time, but they all have to be there, and in the right case. 
I haven't installed any versions of 9 lately, am not sure how they run with the lastest wines. Suspect that 
winetricks ie6 gdiplus 
may no longer be necessary. But I haven't checked it.
Susan Cragin

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