[Wine] WoW - WotLK - install is a hassle :(

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Thu Nov 13 00:30:25 CST 2008

Very disappointing on the install so far. The files are on the disk in 
some format that is only letting me see two of the 'some number more 
than two' files that are there. One of the files I can see is and 
Install.exe but it does nothing when double clicked, nothing when I 
right click and select 'Open with "Wine Windows Program Loader"'. When I 
try to run it from a console I get:
wine: could not load L"D:\\Installer.exe": Module not found

It will not let me cut/paste/copy either of the two files it shows into 
my wine directory to try to run them from there. It does not show all of 
the necessary files to copy the data from the disk to the hard drive and 
run the install from there.

Right now it looks like I will be forced to network a Windows computer, 
copy the files to that hard drive, then copy them across the network to 
my Linux computer.

This is a huge and frustrating back step for Linux compatibility 
compared to the Burning Crusade expansion. When BC can out I came home 
from the store, put the disk in, double clicked install and was logged 
in and playing less than 20 minutes later. WotLK has so far has been an 
hour since I put the disk in and I am no close to playing than I was 
before I left for the store. Other disks in this drive and everything 
else on my computer work fine so I am assuming this is a problem with 
Wrath and not just my machine.

I will continue to look for solutions while the files copy to to and 
from a windows machine and will post again if/when I get it running in 
case I find anything useful to someone else. I am expecting the game 
itself to play fine once it's installed.


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