[Wine] can you launch an aplication from another running on wine?

horacius wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 13 04:06:54 CST 2008

Hello, Im new to wine and Im trying to figure out a few things, but first I would like to know if you can launch an aplication with parameters, from another aplication which is already running from wine?

lets say Im running a propietary program which works with plain text files, but at some point I need to convert those files to pdf to send them to the customers or to be viewed outside the aplication; the program cant edit pdf files, then I need to launch the pdf editor to convert the document. Right now that process its automatic in winxp; the program saves the text file and then launchs acrobat with the name of the file as a parameter to be checked, when I see its ok, I just hit the save button in acrobat and thats it. I need the same for linux, the program to edit pdf files can be any, not necesarily adobe acrobat(I havent figured out how to install acrobat pro in linux anyway 8) ). the documents Im working with are of 2 kinds: simple text files and jpg files, the pdf may contains one or the other, never both.

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