[Wine] Re: Battlefield 1942 not Working correctly.

jeffz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 13 09:02:55 CST 2008

iTails wrote:
> I do get the text rendering problem. I just can't see why the maps don't load.
> Well, I'm hoping the 1.1.6b patch will work. :)
> EDIT: Also, how do I make it so wine uses the CD directly? I read something about it in the Bug Reports.
> Code:
> To make it launch the game, not just exit silently, make sure your cd drive is configured in winecfg properly - the content of the CD has to be accessible through some drive letter and the drive type has to be CD-ROM.
> [/code]

if the drive isn't detected, then start winecfg, click the drives tab, click autodetect, click ok

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