[Wine] Re: WoW - WotLK - install is a hassle :(

Imamale wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 13 16:36:33 CST 2008

ok heres what I did:

Inorder to mount the DVD with all the hidden files shown, I had to first unmount it. In a terminal type

sudo umount /media/cdrom0/
sudo mount /media/cdrom0/ -o unhide

now you should get a window opening up on your desktop showing you all the hidden files on the DVD. Next I created a new folder on the desktop to which I want to place the files that I am going to copy from the DVD. The folders name is arbitrary 'wowinstall'

your going to need to have root permissions to copy the files from the cd

sudo cp -r /media/cdrom0/* Desktop/wowinstall

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