[Wine] Re: Cannot install Visual C++ version 6.0 (VC6)

resander wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 14 08:45:29 CST 2008

Getting nearer...

So far, I have tried four projects from Windows to Linux/Wine. All compiled using VC6 on Wine and ran ok the first time. The two largest contained 78 and 105 cpp files with approximate source file sizes 2GB and 5GB. 

Features used:

 GUI: all standard and extended controls via dialog calls/macros
      and CreateWindow, various window positioning/resizing functions,
 GDI: most except paths
 CHARS:  most functions defined by <tchar.h>
 FILES:  fopen,fread, fwrite, ftell, fseek, fclose, _findfirst,
         _findnext, _mkdir, remove, _tunlink 
 MEMORY  new,delete and most memory and <string.h> functions.

Did not use MFC or ATL frameworks, just plain, Windows API functions
and as few of these as I could manage.
Did not use Windows file and directory functions.
Did not use c++ exception handling
Did not use Windows memory allocation function or older mallocs.


could not get the debugging to work.

1.  on entry to the Windows main program:

int PASCAL WinMain( ...)
MSG      msg;
int a = 1;   // for testing debug
int b = a + 1 ; // testing debug
hmodule = fhInstance ;  <<< put breakpoint here

Values of variables a and b were reported as unknown expressions.

2.  a little bit further into WinMain at call to CreateWindow for
    main window:

   hwndmain = CreateWindow( "GenericAppClass",  ....
The program entered CreateWindow, but never returned.

Does debugging work, or have I entered unchartered waters?

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