dAnIK SeNT dsent at mail.ru
Sat Nov 15 08:56:11 CST 2008

> Wine is not ready for prime time former windows users. Office 2003 can be
> installed, but daily use of the application continues to face multiple
> error or simply dead space.
Wine runs hundreds of programs perfectly and thousands of linux users (many of 
them being former Windows users) are happy with it. Office 2003 is good, but 
easily replaceable (OpenOffice, KOffice, Google Docs, whatever). Moreover, it 
works under Wine well enough to do some simple tasks from time to time: 
converting documents bloated with formatting, reviewing documents before 
sending them etc - these cover 1% of Office functionality that is really 
unique very good. For daily use there are native office applications.

> Linux may be free for your pocketbook but not your time.
Posting so pointless yet so arrogant things may be free for you, but it's bad 
for your karma.
If you have experienced problems - fill bugreports and help make Wine better. 
If you want to start a flame - do it somewhere else, please.

Sorry, if I insulted someone by this post.
Best regards,
Danila Sentiabov aka dAnIK SeNT

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