winlinnewbie wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 15 10:25:10 CST 2008

Linux users are alive:

I did file a report and I was told it was not a bug.  I found Wine Bugzilla staff lacking usual support empathy.  Now what?

I would suggest if you want to win  mainstream Windows users, then Wine needs some work.  I would suggest the other former Windows users were likely Window worl techies use to code stuff versus mainstream users.

Even so I recognize Office is 2003 is easily replaceable.  But in order to convert to the light, all my files are from the dark side.  Therefore Wine has to do a better job, in my humble opinion of course, to allow typical windows users access.  If it fails to do so, Bugzilla and Forums types have to be ready in hand to help out.  I am five day old Linux user/Ubuntu user at this point.

It is not my intention to flame.  As I stated, I did file bug reports.  Others should know that it is not as easy as Linux and Wine claims.  

Meanwhile I remain open to learning and particularly gaining instruction by someone or a group with how to do it right.  I don't have the time (even though I did) to read through reams of forums or FAQ which at times seem to conflict one another particularly between distros. 

I simply stated my installation per instructions failed to deliver expectations.  Bug reporting failed as well.  I didn't go around insulting someone's intelligence in doing so dimesio. That's arrogance since you can't be held accountable.

I am accountable to what I stated.  Currently Office 2003, from the Office Small Business 2003 CD does not work on Wine. Help!  I opened, for example Outlook with the goal of importing my backed up *pst files.  It immediately gives me a Word 11.0 error regarding not enough memory.  I get past that and click on import and get operation failed.  Word seems to work but as someone stated I can begin to use alternatives. I get 50/50 response with the other apps.

While I'm at it, I backed up my Windows world life on a Maxtor OneTouch III USB.  Guess what, I can see in Ubuntu but I can't read the files.  Apparently a number of Linux users have the same problem.  I failed to check on this since I assume USB storage connection would be standard in Linux.  I installed Maxtor Win files in Wine as a work around, only for it to fail to install at the end around 'services' or 90% installation complete with the installation CD.  I have an icon for it, but it doesn't work.

I've since tried a number of GUI USB interface, in order to mount the hard drive.  I've since searched for Outlook pst converters as well.  The irony is that I have to go back to Windows and clean my pst, then import to Thunderbird window version then convert into Evolution - since I need a complete alternative to Outlook with mail, contacts, tasks etc.

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