[Wine] Re: multiple users on LINUX - way to share a single .wine

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 15 16:51:39 CST 2008

vitamin wrote:
> Cai wrote:
> > If you cannot come up with a better idea, then don't
> > write any thing!
> You should apply that to yourself. If you do not know answer DO NOT give it to users. Ether say you don't know, or don't respond at all.
> The worst answer is the wrong answer that you give to someone who asked you for help.

Next time, try to consider how he could not know it's dead wrong and actually explain why? Even if he's wrong, a symbolic thing seems like a decent idea at first thought (and at second thought, a bad one).

About the registry mess: if only there was a place where a global registry could be kept for all Wine users that only stores info for 'globally installed' apps...

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