James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 16 21:14:40 CST 2008

winlinnewbie wrote:
> Dimesio
>   It is indeed bug 16208.  I understand that it is volunteer.
No you don't.  All OpenSource projects are run by and for volunteer
development. Wine happens to enjoy a company, CodeWeavers, that is
paying folks to make improvements to Wine.  Crossover Office and
Crossover Games are their products, which provide extensions and support
for $$$.  The same is true of RedHat, SuSe or any other 'commercial'
distribution of Linux.
> Austin
>   I replied 3x to those request asking how I to do it, regarding producing a terminal output
You need to learn to search and read.  We really don't have time to go
over the same subject again and again, when the Frequently Asked
Questions portion of WineHQ discusses this in magnificent detail.  And
I  will repeat:  "Google is your friend".  Learn to use it,
efficiently.  Many fora will tell you this.  And some will NOT be nice.

> To both of you
>   I'm willing to learn, but you crack comment ain't helping anyone
They are not cracking comments.  They are stating facts.  If you want
help, you have to meet us half-way.  Go through the FAQ on how to
generate terminal output, how to select it and how to post it to your
bug report.  Also, take time to read what is posted here.  It appears
that you want us to do all of the work and you to reap the benefit.  It
does not work that way.  Try pulling this with Microsoft and it can get
very expensive.  When they ask you for information, it is expected that
you know how to use your computer and how to follow directions.

Here are directions:

1.  Read the FAQ on how to report problems. 
2.  Read the FAQ on how to generate terminal output.
3.  Attach your terminal output to the bug you reported.

Do not expect an instantaneous fix for your problem.  I don't expect
such from software I pay for, and I really don't expect such for
software that is 'free'.  I've learned to work with it as it exists
today and I do expect it to get better with time.

Please do not take this as a personal insult.  It is designed to make
you become a better and smarter computer user.  Sadly, Windows (since
Windows95) has made every attempt to dumb down the user.  This also
leads to some fantastic problems and a massive education effort to keep
people from destroying their computers (Google Storm Worm for an example
of how stupid computer users can get and the results of their stupidity.)

Without your inputs, we cannot help you and will not be able to do
anything.  Think of it this way, go to any mechanic and state "My car
will not go".  They will ask you a bunch of questions.  If you don't
answer them, correctly, the mechanic will throw up their arms and state
"Come back when you have the answers, I have other autos to fix." 
Change that to this project and you can see the level of frustration.
There are many open problems, with the correct information, that need to
be fixed.  Not providing appropriate information is at best frustrating,
at worse belligerent.  You pick which one we think you are. (Hint, it is
more the latter than the former.)

Please come back when you can provide us with the information requested
from you, by multiple people, multiple times.

James McKenzie


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