[Wine] Trying to Compile source

x3il1ty wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 18 04:27:28 CST 2008

Okey so iam trying to compile the source. Ive downloaded the lastest one wine 1.0..

I run the installer /tools/wineinstaller
 i then get this configure error 

configure: error: FreeType development files not found.
Fonts will not be built. Dialog text may be invisible or unaligned.
Use the --without-freetype option if you really want this.

so i think i need to install this. 

Which i think is libfreetype6-dev package, but this dosent work because it needs zlib1g-dev.
so i try to download it and get this problem zlib1g (= 1:1.2.3-13) but 1:

would be very thanksfull if anyone can help

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