[Wine] Wine on Solaris 10

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Tue Nov 18 09:23:43 CST 2008


> Hi,
> I tried compiling it on Sparc based Solaris, but it says I need to implement wine_call_to_stack for my platform.

As Vitamim already mentioned here, wine can be used only on x86 based platforms
to run native windows applications.  So, even if you will be able to compile
wine on Sparc based system, it will not be usable for anything other than for
compiling a windows app from its source code to Sparc binary, running under the
winelib environment. Wine doesn't contain CPU emulator, and because M$ doesn't
have windows distribution for Sparc based systems, you cannot run Intel based
binaries there.

> I checked in the file /libs/wine/port.c and there is no implementation for Sparc based machines. Is there any patch out there or can anyone help me implement one?

It's not there probably because nobody needed it yet, because of uselessness
of such a thing.

> Regards
> Col

With regards, Pavel Troller

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