[Wine] Re: wotlk eua PROBLEM

Gcen wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 19 04:12:06 CST 2008

Yes I have a way to get it install 


I have a better way to install Wrath of the Linch King it does require you to change two files thought, get a copy of these files from a windows system or from a IE6sp1 bottle from crossover office or by using ies4linux with regular wine. 



Go into the system32 folder rename the ones that are in that folder to something else you may need them again later, now copy in those two files now run winecfg change wininet.dll and mshtml.dll  to native,builtin, now run the installer it will show no text but the accept button will now work, get it installed then I would then replace the original files but keep those others from IE6sp1 they might come in handy for something else or if a future patch has this issue and you need to stay with wine 1.0.

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