[Wine] Miranda IM: problems when running from fat32 partition

Art wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 19 06:20:48 CST 2008

Hi all,

I'm trying to get Miranda IM working under wine (wine 1.0.1, Ubuntu 2.6.27-7-generic)

The problem I'm having is that when Miranda is installed in Program Files it's all good, it works OK etc, but if I install it on the mounted vfat partition and run, it cannot find database driver, displaying message:

'Unable to find any database drivers, this means you cannot create new profile, you need to get dbx_3x.dll'

vfat partition is writeable for logged in user. Tried launching from command line - no additional errors/messages is printed out.

However, If I copy app's folder to wine's 'C' drive, which is somewhere under ~, it all works brilliantly.

Any suggestions how to fix/do further investigations into problem?


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