[Wine] First Wine use ever: problems in running Broken Sword 3

xaber1488 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 19 17:01:03 CST 2008

Hi there everybody!
I am completely new to linux and it's the first time I'm running linux (Ubuntu). Today I installed Wine and tried running Broken Sword 3 (note that I have nto configured Wine or anything: only installed and used the wine command).
All I can see is a black screen (semms like the application tries to run) and the I return to desktop with an 800x600 resolution.
What should I do to run the prog?

This is the terminal output:

xaber at xaber-laptop:~/.wine/drive_c/Programmi/Broken-Sword$ wine bs3pc.exe
fixme:d3d:IWineD3DImpl_FillGLCaps OpenGL implementation supports 16 vertex samplers and 16 total samplers
fixme:d3d:IWineD3DImpl_FillGLCaps Expected vertex samplers + MAX_TEXTURES(=8) > combined_samplers
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x32f324,0x00000000), stub!
fixme:d3d:test_pbo_functionality >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GL_INVALID_OPERATION (0x502) from Loading the PBO test texture
 @ directx.c / 3554
err:d3d:WineD3D_ChoosePixelFormat Can't find a suitable iPixelFormat
fixme:dsound3d:IDirectSound3DListenerImpl_QueryInterface Unknown IID {31efac30-515c-11d0-a9aa-00aa0061be93}
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000078 at address 0x50f0b6 (thread 0009), starting debugger...
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000078 in 32-bit code (0x0050f0b6).
Register dump:
 CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b
 EIP:0050f0b6 ESP:0032fc20 EBP:0032fc58 EFLAGS:00210212(   - 00      - RIA1)
 EAX:00000000 EBX:7b8b7ff4 ECX:00000000 EDX:00613e6c
 ESI:00000000 EDI:7ffdf000
Stack dump:
0x0032fc20:  006365b0 005d0dac 013329e0 00000000
0x0032fc30:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0x0032fc40:  00000000 0000bb80 00200010 000000a0
0x0032fc50:  00000000 00000000 0032fc64 00518327
0x0032fc60:  013329e0 0032fc70 0050e900 013329e0
0x0032fc70:  0032fcd0 004f272a 00000000 00110000
=>1 0x0050f0b6 in bs3pc (+0x10f0b6) (0x0032fc58)
  2 0x00518327 in bs3pc (+0x118327) (0x0032fc64)
  3 0x0050e900 in bs3pc (+0x10e900) (0x0032fc70)
  4 0x004f272a in bs3pc (+0xf272a) (0x0032fcd0)
  5 0x0040a34f in bs3pc (+0xa34f) (0x0032fd00)
  6 0x0040a1cc in bs3pc (+0xa1cc) (0x0032fd18)
  7 0x0040a157 in bs3pc (+0xa157) (0x0032fe7c)
  8 0x00535c5f in bs3pc (+0x135c5f) (0x0032ff08)
  9 0x7b878828 in kernel32 (+0x58828) (0x0032ffe8)
  10 0xb7edcd37 wine_switch_to_stack+0x17() in libwine.so.1 (0x00000000)
0x0050f0b6: movl	0x78(%ecx),%edx
Module	Address			Debug info	Name (81 modules)
PE	  400000-  63e000	Export          bs3pc
PE	30000000-30072000	Deferred        binkw32
ELF	7b800000-7b93d000	Export          kernel32<elf>
  \-PE	7b820000-7b93d000	\               kernel32
ELF	7bc00000-7bca7000	Deferred        ntdll<elf>
  \-PE	7bc10000-7bca7000	\               ntdll
ELF	7bf00000-7bf04000	Deferred        <wine-loader>
ELF	7c16e000-7d2ea000	Deferred        fglrx_dri.so
ELF	7e2ba000-7e2c9000	Deferred        libgcc_s.so.1
ELF	7e2c9000-7e345000	Deferred        libgl.so.1
ELF	7e345000-7e35a000	Deferred        midimap<elf>
  \-PE	7e350000-7e35a000	\               midimap
ELF	7e35a000-7e382000	Deferred        msacm32<elf>
  \-PE	7e360000-7e382000	\               msacm32
ELF	7e382000-7e39b000	Deferred        msacm32<elf>
  \-PE	7e390000-7e39b000	\               msacm32
ELF	7e39b000-7e3eb000	Deferred        libpulse.so.0
ELF	7e3f9000-7e4c1000	Deferred        libasound.so.2
ELF	7e4c4000-7e4c8000	Deferred        libcap.so.1
ELF	7e4c8000-7e4cf000	Deferred        libasound_module_pcm_pulse.so
ELF	7e4cf000-7e506000	Deferred        winealsa<elf>
  \-PE	7e4e0000-7e506000	\               winealsa
ELF	7e52e000-7e537000	Deferred        libxcursor.so.1
ELF	7e537000-7e53c000	Deferred        libxfixes.so.3
ELF	7e53c000-7e540000	Deferred        libxcomposite.so.1
ELF	7e540000-7e547000	Deferred        libxrandr.so.2
ELF	7e547000-7e551000	Deferred        libxrender.so.1
ELF	7e551000-7e554000	Deferred        libxinerama.so.1
ELF	7e554000-7e575000	Deferred        imm32<elf>
  \-PE	7e560000-7e575000	\               imm32
ELF	7e575000-7e57a000	Deferred        libxdmcp.so.6
ELF	7e57a000-7e593000	Deferred        libxcb.so.1
ELF	7e593000-7e596000	Deferred        libxcb-xlib.so.0
ELF	7e596000-7e599000	Deferred        libxau.so.6
ELF	7e599000-7e688000	Deferred        libx11.so.6
ELF	7e688000-7e697000	Deferred        libxext.so.6
ELF	7e697000-7e69d000	Deferred        libxxf86vm.so.1
ELF	7e69d000-7e6b5000	Deferred        libice.so.6
ELF	7e6b5000-7e6be000	Deferred        libsm.so.6
ELF	7e6c1000-7e6ca000	Deferred        librt.so.1
ELF	7e6cc000-7e767000	Deferred        winex11<elf>
  \-PE	7e6e0000-7e767000	\               winex11
ELF	7e786000-7e7ad000	Deferred        libexpat.so.1
ELF	7e7ad000-7e7da000	Deferred        libfontconfig.so.1
ELF	7e7e8000-7e7fe000	Deferred        libz.so.1
ELF	7e7fe000-7e874000	Deferred        libfreetype.so.6
ELF	7e88d000-7e8c5000	Deferred        dinput<elf>
  \-PE	7e8a0000-7e8c5000	\               dinput
ELF	7e8c5000-7e8de000	Deferred        dinput8<elf>
  \-PE	7e8d0000-7e8de000	\               dinput8
ELF	7e8de000-7e8f2000	Deferred        libresolv.so.2
ELF	7e900000-7e91f000	Deferred        iphlpapi<elf>
  \-PE	7e910000-7e91f000	\               iphlpapi
ELF	7e91f000-7e982000	Deferred        rpcrt4<elf>
  \-PE	7e930000-7e982000	\               rpcrt4
ELF	7e982000-7ea28000	Deferred        ole32<elf>
  \-PE	7e990000-7ea28000	\               ole32
ELF	7ea28000-7eabc000	Deferred        winmm<elf>
  \-PE	7ea30000-7eabc000	\               winmm
ELF	7eabc000-7eb08000	Deferred        dsound<elf>
  \-PE	7eac0000-7eb08000	\               dsound
ELF	7eb08000-7ec1d000	Deferred        wined3d<elf>
  \-PE	7eb20000-7ec1d000	\               wined3d
ELF	7ec1d000-7ec49000	Deferred        d3d8<elf>
  \-PE	7ec20000-7ec49000	\               d3d8
ELF	7ec49000-7ec9c000	Deferred        advapi32<elf>
  \-PE	7ec60000-7ec9c000	\               advapi32
ELF	7ec9c000-7ed3b000	Deferred        gdi32<elf>
  \-PE	7ecb0000-7ed3b000	\               gdi32
ELF	7ed3b000-7ee87000	Deferred        user32<elf>
  \-PE	7ed60000-7ee87000	\               user32
ELF	7efa7000-7efb3000	Deferred        libnss_files.so.2
ELF	7efb3000-7efcc000	Deferred        libnsl.so.1
ELF	7efcc000-7eff2000	Deferred        libm.so.6
ELF	7eff5000-7f000000	Deferred        libnss_nis.so.2
ELF	b7d41000-b7d4a000	Deferred        libnss_compat.so.2
ELF	b7d4b000-b7d4f000	Deferred        libdl.so.2
ELF	b7d4f000-b7ead000	Deferred        libc.so.6
ELF	b7eae000-b7ec7000	Deferred        libpthread.so.0
ELF	b7ed5000-b800c000	Export          libwine.so.1
ELF	b800e000-b802b000	Deferred        ld-linux.so.2
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 (D) C:\Programmi\Broken-Sword\bs3pc.exe
	0000001b   15
	00000019    0
	00000009    0 <==
	00000014    0
	00000013    0
	00000012    0
	0000000e    0
	0000000d    0
	00000016    0
	00000015    0
	00000011    0
	00000010    0
	00000018    0
=>1 0x0050f0b6 in bs3pc (+0x10f0b6) (0x0032fc58)
  2 0x00518327 in bs3pc (+0x118327) (0x0032fc64)
  3 0x0050e900 in bs3pc (+0x10e900) (0x0032fc70)
  4 0x004f272a in bs3pc (+0xf272a) (0x0032fcd0)
  5 0x0040a34f in bs3pc (+0xa34f) (0x0032fd00)
  6 0x0040a1cc in bs3pc (+0xa1cc) (0x0032fd18)
  7 0x0040a157 in bs3pc (+0xa157) (0x0032fe7c)
  8 0x00535c5f in bs3pc (+0x135c5f) (0x0032ff08)
  9 0x7b878828 in kernel32 (+0x58828) (0x0032ffe8)
  10 0xb7edcd37 wine_switch_to_stack+0x17() in libwine.so.1 (0x00000000)

Thanks in advance.

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