[Wine] Wine config screen

walt w41ter at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 16:37:54 CST 2008

Jerry Linux wrote:
> ...
> Got a user is not authorized to run the x server error.
> Can you tell that I am a real beginner?  What part did I screw up?  Does
> this have to be run sudo?  From all the messages I get on this list,
> sudo seems like something I could use to really hurt myself so I do not
> run it unless I am completely sure that it will help.  Or is this the
> some cases in which xinit won't work?

If you start X using startx, it will create an authorization 'cookie'
in your home directory, otherwise xdm/gdm/kdm will do it. The startx
scripts may be very different between linux distributions, so have a
look at the startx on your machine to see what they do with xauth.

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