[Wine] Re: WoW - WotLK - install is a hassle :(

Tlarhices wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 20 20:14:47 CST 2008

ghughes wrote:
> Because I'm getting nowhere fast with the Blizzard downloader I'm doing this the long way. I am running into a command line issue when getting to the chown -r step
> can someone post the exact command so I can copy and paste it into terminal if my directory structure is: desktop/wowinstall because I have tried it 32 times in multiple incarnations and I'm still getting  
> "cannot access `/Desktop/wowinstall': No such file or directory"

You are not entering the right folder's name.
It is not 

 but I think 

The first one tries to find a folder named Desktop on the root of the system, the second one tries to find a folder named Desktop in your home user.

Note that the "Desktop" folder may have different names depending on your distribution and language.

The command look like:

sudo chown -R username:username ~/Desktop/wowinstall

Replace 'username' by your user name

You can also try to cd in the folder containing the folder wowinstall and running from there :

sudo chown -R username:username wowinstall

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