[Wine] Re: Change files and viewing files in Wine.

Tlarhices wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 20 20:46:50 CST 2008

rialto wrote:
> Hi I'm new to wine and I am wondering how i can view and change the files in wine's virtual Windows XP.
> Main problem:  I have successfully installed Final Fantasy XI online through wine @ wineffxi.org.  But some of the functions that I like that is provided by windower (a third party program) are not there.  I'd like to install windower to enhance my Final Fantasy XI functions.
> Help me out! Thanks!
> Rialto

I am not sure to understand what you are asking for, but wine's drive C: is in ~/.wine/drive_c/ by default.
~ is your home folder and .wine is an hidden folder.

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