[Wine] VST plugin (ez drummer)

nickstu wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 21 15:16:09 CST 2008

Hi, I just registered. I have a problem related to wine:

lmms can run some vst plugins with VeSTige, so I tried to get ez drummer working. It didn't work, so I downloaded Toontrack Solo, that is a program needed to run ez drummer as a standalone, and not as a plugin. It still wouldn't work, neither as a standalone.
I made a few searches and I found out that it needed mfc42.dll so I downloaded it and put into the Toontrack Solo directory. Now Toontrack Solo runs ez drummer correctly, so I'm sure that the problem is that missing dll. But where should I put it to make lmms recognize it (those didn't work: Toontrack Solo directory, vstPlugins directory, system32 directory... none)?


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