[Wine] Re: How well is Chrome working in 1.1.9?

Usurp wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 22 09:21:49 CST 2008

David Gerard wrote:
> I just tried installing Chrome, using the Google stub installer (which
> downloads the rest of the app). It gave an Error 0x80070057, which is
> apparently a Windows Installer error - often caused by firewalls or
> proxies, except this is at home on DSL, with only NAT between me and
> the big wide Internet. This is on Kubuntu 8.10. Anyone having this
> work better?
> - d.

Its better to use chromium snapshots to avoid the installer problem.
Go to http://build.chromium.org/buildbot/snapshots/chromium-rel-xp/ and grab the last chrome-win32.zip.

unzip it and run it like this :

wine chrome.exe --no-sandbox --new-http

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